Made to make Happy.

I sculpt these little creatures to help comfort and soothe other people like me. I am uncomfy, sweaty, and anxious all the time, but when I hold something as tiny and precious as these little guys, I am reminded that it is the littlest things that help ground us in life. Sculpted with polymer clay and glazed with resin for shine and durability, gentle use is recommended for these collectible items.

  • The Frog Friend Pen Hoder

    "I love this product so much!! it holds a pen or pencil perfectly! this is my second order from UncomfyCo and i recommend ordering from this shop! it is amazing quality and great art." - Caitlyyn P.

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  • Sprout Radish Keychain

    "YOU GUYS. I bought this set a few months ago for me and my best friend. We both keep them on our purse and they are sooo sturdy!! I was definitely nervous keeping it on something I use everyday, but the little babies hold their own!!! 10/10 recommend. So cute." - Lacey W.

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  • Froggy Artisan Keycap

    "Every time I look at my keyboard, this lil guy makes me smile, he was definitely worth the purchase" - Tatiana F.

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